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ManACE SAGE Workshops 2014

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Come laugh and learn and leave with practical ideas you can use in
your classroom tomorrow. We’re going on a Mobile Learning Photo
Safari where we’ll learn simple techniques that immediately improve
the pictures you take. Learn how to teach the same ideas to your
students in 6 minutes. Since we learn by doing we’ll start with a photo
safari along the river and follow up with making concrete connections
to various curricula: What sorts of ways can a single image be used to tell stories and explore complex ideas in Math, Science, Language Arts or Languages classroom? What could we do with a series of pictures? How can we do this beyond the time and space of the classroom walls and have our students generate a bank of powerful visuals to inspire future students to create even more powerful learning imagery? What’s the best way to get stuff off the kids mobile devices and shared publically so our students learn while making a contribution to the global knowledge commons?

Bring your camera enabled mobile device. We’re going on a Mobile Learning Photo Safari!

This session is device agnostic. Any smartphone or tablet will do!

In this session we'll explore different lightweight ideas/activities you can implement in your classes tomorrow to leverage mobile (and stationary) technology to document student learning and foster reflective ways for students to share what they're learning. We won't just talk about them, we'll do them. Then we'll talk about them and how each of us might practically adapt these ideas in our own classrooms. Each practical activity will model ways in which the hard work involved is the thinking engendered in students while the technology is elegantly simple and easy to manage for teachers.

Basically, we'll have fun, play with practical ideas that allow teachers to easily incorporate technology in their classroom daily, and leverage some of the mobile technologies that are increasingly found in students' pockets.

This session will be an accessible introduction to the fundamentals of using technology in the classroom.