iPad Summit - Early Years ~ Going Mobile ~ 3 Model Learning Activities ~ Self-Directed Projects

Student Voices: What did you learn today?

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UN: sharing2learn
PW: ask Darren

Reading & Drawing & Recording

100 Free Books

Kindle app ..... Doodle Buddy ..... Storyrobe ..... Fotobabble
kindle app.png...... Doodle Buddy app.png ....... storyrobe app.png.......fotobabble app.png

A Quick Create: 5 seconds of beauty

What do you see.png
Create a 5 second video of something beautiful. Find beauty in places people often overlook.
Zoom in, zoom out, share a message, look at the world differently and show us what you see.

Possible Tools
apps: Camera

Share Your Create
Password: Ask me, I'll tell you. ;-)

If you do this yourself
I like Jamendo for cc licensed music. Any video editor (iMovie or Movie Maker) can make videos like this.